This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Friday, 26 May 2017


If I remember correctly, Scole was fairly successful until the end.

Even the end was useful, information-wise. We learned about the hazards of portals etc.

It alerted me to a possible issue, one which I took on seriously.

(The Zeta entered the conversation here)

Once confronted by it, it was simply a matter of diminishing it.

The way humans perceive portals is not the same as another race or being would do so.
They are perceptions, processes of continuance, intertwining various energies into manifestations like a thread.... from one point to another.

The issue with manifesting a portal from within matter is that the substructures of the matter are a influence. That influence is then a distortion to the portal.

This is why humans are used in some case to manage the portal, their physical circumference is required in the creation method...

They are a fluid body. This enables a type of encrypted process to manage the substructure of the end points, and the tube mechanism as well. It individualizes the creative prospects of the manifestation of the portal.

This mechanism then allows no others to intervene in the transfer of matter or knowledge - a manufactured environment affecting the medium’s abilities as well.

The Zetas use the medium’s physical body to prevent interference by others when creating a portal?

Yes we do.

How is the etheric template different from creations in energetic realms, if they have a different effect on portal creation?

What is the etheric template referring to?
There is no clarity.

I think you referred to the substructures underlying matter having a different effect on the portal.

That being the difference between the consciousness of a physical human being compared to a varied consciousness of a solid state of matter pertaining to a mirrored portal.

Oh I see.

You are held in high esteem due to your writings.

There are some positive comments, I appreciate that.

Clarification: by your race.
It is a good work.

Yes, understood. I would like it to be recognized by the scientific community, but am not expecting it since the source of the information is questionable to them.

Many who transition to the spirit realm recognize the work done.

Ah, do they?

(The Zeta left)

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Interviewer: The medium states that in the sitting where the Zeta was awakened, that two conversations took place. One was recorded and the other one wasn’t. In the unrecorded audio, it was said that there would be a strategic intervention, or a targeted intervention with the human race if nuclear was started. In the audio it said nothing like that. Which is the correct statement, or are both statements right or wrong? The ultimate question is, will you, the zeta race, intervene if nuclear war started amongst humans?

Zeta: Do you choose to perish?

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Zeta: No race chooses to perish, but there would be methods, there would be analysis, there would be systems, there would be potentials, there would be discussions to gauge the ramifications of the planet irradiating itself via the human hosts. There are methods for dealing with this technology. I will now be speaking plainly to you, yes? It is preferred that this not take place, as you are also not wanting that to take place. But if it does take place, there are methods of dealing with a radiated planet. A unfortunate effect, a side effect, would be the decimation of all life, of course.

Interviewer: It is possible that the human race could be destroyed, either by a natural disaster like a solar flare or by weapons of mass destruction. How would the destruction of the human race on this particular timeline affect the spirit realm?

Zeta: There would be a diminished potential. The consciousness that broadcasts itself from the human host would cease to exist. That consciousness would then move to the non-physical form. There would be a lessening of potential if humans did not exist from this specific location.

Interviewer: Would the effect on the spirit realm be minimized because incarnated spirits exist on multiple timelines?

Zeta: I have answered that, but to say the way that a consciousness exists in a physical form in another existence is not the same as existing within this potential. This potential is, to use human words, the middle of frequency. This potential is where all other potentials exist from. But may I say, just as a human may exist on many timelines, the non-synchronous event ultimately, through termination, cascades across all timelines. There would be potential that if this timeline saw the cessation of this planet’s ability to sustain life, there would be effects across many other timelines.

Interviewer: Under what conditions would the Zeta race assist the human race if it were threatened by destruction?

Zeta: Those conditions are reliant on what decisions the humans make.

Interviewer: How could the Zeta race best assist the human race in such a situation?

Zeta: A sampling has been taken.

Interviewer: Would you just use that sampling on another planet, or would you use it after the race was destroyed to start a new race?

Zeta: There  is potential that humans will exist even if there is a catastrophic event. There is the potential to re-seed a race. But of course, it is the environment, it is the biological entity that is your planet that is more a concern for a race. So there would be selective intervention.

Interviewer: You have said that there are millions of human beings across the planet who seek to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. This level of development presumable took many generations to achieve. Are these people at their level of development a valuable resource that Zetas would wish to save in the face of disaster?

Zeta: As with our own race when we moved to a core consciousness, there is potential for those consciousness to be gathered, and to be made into a valued consciousness, whereby the existence of spirit realm would no longer be required.

Interviewer: You have said that you represent the conglomerate of consciousness that exists. However, you said that you “do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.” So you represent the conglomerate, but you are not everywhere present. Yet the conglomerate could hear the sitter's intercession for the human race. Could you clarify the relations amongst yourself, the conglomerate, the medium, and the sitter?

Zeta: When that discussion took place, the voices in the room were able to be heard by others - a gesture by us to allow you to allow your voice, your thoughts and concerns as individuals to be projected to other consciousness that are also controlling mechanisms for their own races - not control as a human would control, simply to put it in perspective, would be the same as you speaking to your spirit friends. But this conversation was heard, was listened to by others who have potential to intervene in matters on this planet. Humans generally are allowed to go about their lives. What they do to each other is within the capacity of this human existence. When other races interact with humans, the interaction takes place outside of the local consciousness of the human. There is a layer of consciousness that the humans are interacting with, so mostly it does not affect humans when they are living their lives. This interaction takes place for many reasons, but primarily it is to interact with our own and with other races who have their own here as well.

Interviewer: The medium experienced being in a higher state of consciousness while he was with you in your expanded state. He said afterwards, “I was fully myself like never before.” Could you describe the nature of his state of consciousness during that time, compared to his normal trance state?

Zeta: They are simplistic analogies, to state that there is comparison. There are not grades of consciousness, but there is a point of spatial awareness. Those points of awareness bring with them potentials to access other levels of communication.

Interviewer: So why was that one state so different? Why did he feel more himself?

Zeta: Because that is who the medium is. Not all portions of consciousness are in separation from the container, and to be woken up means to exist in full potential within and without physical form.

Interviewer: The medium remembers that words were spoken by the expanded Zeta being while he was in that higher state. He does not remember those words, and they were not recorded on the recording device. Can you say the words to us now?

Zeta: I have addressed that potential to you in this room.

Interviewer: During the higher state of consciousness, the medium was shown two disk-shaped, planet-size craft. Can you describe the purpose of such craft, the interior of the craft, who occupies them, and by how many beings?

Zeta: It is unknown how many beings, they are transitory processes that hold much technology. They are methods of transportation from one point of existence to another within the physical universe. They are used as means of bringing together all beings that are required to a point. They are not generally classed as craft. They are methods of transportation for many different races.

Interviewer: [asked long question about why there are people who live to gain things and power without concern of consequences - questioned the role of emotions in coming to a possibility of destruction]

Zeta: Who has stated that the planet is to terminate?

Interviewer: No, no one has stated that the planet is to terminate. I wish people could look at the greater picture and see the planet for what it is, and laugh and be grateful and live in peace. Is this one of the reasons why races such as yours got rid of emotions?

Zeta: Yes. There is a potential when you are in operation and you no longer make judgements of others as many humans do, when you are no longer guided by the emotional trend, but guided by the ever-present need or understanding of supporting others. Once they, once you, are in support of another, then of course, there is no potential to exist without. It also means that the desires to accumulate do not exist.

Interviewer: Is that the simple answer to evolving, to take in control your emotions or to eradicate the emotions in order to live as one?

Zeta: I do not desire the things of the physical, yes, but to use it as a mechanism to exist.

Interviewer: That’s the first time I’ve had such clarity, a light bulb has been put on. It’s simple.

Zeta: There is great peace in the expanded awareness of existence. To be in stillness and silence, to interact with others of like frame, like mind, like energy. This is why your planet suffers, because there is a constant need to provide. But what is provided is generally not required to exist. We have understood that humans create, and in doing so in that creative process, they provide with the creation its possibility of termination. This is to stimulate your belief that your economic processes must exist due to the constant exchange of physical items. But if you have nothing and require nothing except sustenance and stillness, then you take little from your planet. Much of the mechanisms that are required to support technology are also able to be elements that are transmuted, to harvest those elements from outside the planetary structure. It is not a sustainable future for humans.

sitter: What is your best advice for us, the planet and the people. You have answered that, but is there anything you would like to add?

Zeta: To live simply. That is the only answer required.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Interviewer: William pointed out recently that the Zeta and human physical frequencies are different. He asked how both races can then live in the same physical universe. You answered that “The frequency of the molecular structure of matter is not just one frequency. Many frequencies combine to create this universal structure.” This suggests that there are a range of physical frequencies for a race.

But, you have also said that the physical frequency has a single value that does not change. For example, you said, “One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body”, and you said, “The physical frequency negates you from understanding who you really are”, and you also said, “The physical frequency defines what you can remember”. And you gave single values of 10 and 7-8 Hz for the Zeta and human physical frequencies, respectively.

How can the physical frequency have many values as well as a single value? Were you using physical frequency to refer to different things?

Zeta: There is a potential for beings of races to exist in the different forms of physical frequencies. It does not mean that the physical form is disassociated permanently from its nominal state. It means that we have capacity to exist in a different level of physical capacity. If we choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency, then we would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human. Some would utilize technologies to increase the frequency of the molecular bond of the physical structure to not be seen by a human eye. When we gave those number values, those integer values, that was a representation, an analogy, for understanding the different potentials of existence.

Interviewer: William recently proposed frequencies for the astral realm and the spirit realm that were proportional to the frequencies of the Zeta collective (10, 16 and 32 Hz) that you gave us. You said his proposed values were incorrect and that you would need another analogy to give more accurate estimates.

Could you now provide the analogy that will say what the astral and spirit realm frequencies are relative to the human physical frequency of 7-8 Hz?

Zeta: I think there is some confusion because drawing comparative information between races is not necessarily an accurate process to perform. We only speak… Let me give you an example. A human in a physical form may be of a certain vibrational nature, but they still hold a physical form. Another human who is of the same physical form may have relationship with a higher self or other entities. Those entities may accurately deconstruct the physical capacity of the human’s molecular structure so that the human selves are seen to dematerialize. It would be more accurate to say that under the appropriate heterodyning process that all matter can be changed. But to give these integer values, this numbering system, is only meant as a way to provide some comparative information.

[Interviewer asks for more information about the council that she had addressed in the previous sitting]

Zeta: These indications, these representations, they are conglomerate consciousness. To believe that a council would represent itself as singular entities is not so. Where there is welcome, where there is intention, then there is a singular mind.

Interviewer: To have the council listening was very important, to let them know how we feel.

Zeta: Many humans are seen as friends to other races, but the council may not understand when the minority is weighed against the majority of damage that this planet is suffering. To say that there is a good person amongst ten who are not, still advocates for action. They have potential when understood from a point of consciousness. These decisions are not taken lightly. They carry much weight. But of course the human race is coming to an intersection, a point of no return. Even you in this room must see that the planet is struggling with the current level of humans that populate it, and this is only to grow.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Interviewer: You have said that many races have transitional realms that have the same frequencies as the human spirit realm. So the physical frequency of these races must also be the same as the physical frequency of the human race. These races can then all live together in the same physical universe. But the physical frequency of the Zeta collective is higher.

How can the higher-frequency physical Zeta beings live in the lower-frequency universe of the humans?

Zeta: Matter takes on many forms. The frequency of the molecular structure of matter is not just one frequency. Matter does not contain one frequency. Many frequencies combine to create this universal structure. There is no comparative difference for us to exist in the physical form.

Interviewer: You have said that the technology for supporting telepathy in humans will be based on a biological entity. Can you suggest a suitable biological entity on our planet that could be used for this purpose, and how should we use it?

Zeta: Such a biological entity will be created by humans. It would be integrated to the brainwave patterns of the human mind. But no such device exists.

Sitter: We already have capacity for telepathy. It is not very accurate. Would it be a development of our own biological self that you are referring to?

Zeta: It is an amplification process, one that will be combined to form a focus to amplify what already exists.

Sitter: There will be a separate biological entity created that we will combine with our own mind, is that what you are saying?

Zeta: Initially it will not be a biological entity. It will be technology. But once the human mind gains the capacity to understand how to assimilate with a future technology that are being developed by the human race, it will be a slight variance to move to a telepathic communications. But you must build capacity, your capacity is lacking.

Interviewer: The Zetas focus love on the earth from spheres located near the earth. Is focusing love on humanity the same as loving humanity. If not, how is it different?

Zeta: Love is containment, love is protection. It is not an emotional requirement, because humans would state that to love means to accept all behaviour, because love according to humans means that all behaviour is possible. But there is a difference.

Interviewer: How is it different?

Zeta: Love can be commitment to a race. It can be, as a human parent would protect a child. Sometimes that responsibility towards the child involves… Do humans provide a strict environment for a child if they wish for a child to learn?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: The environment is provided for the human race.

Interviewer: We understand that a physical object is an illusion created when a being’s perceptual system transforms the object’s etheric template. But you have also said that the coarse matter needed for an apport is created from fine matter. If all matter is illusion, then fine matter must also be an illusion.

Could a particle of fine matter be understood as a simple etheric template, and that these are concatenated to form a more complex template? For example, is a carbon atom formed from the joining of many fine matter etheric templates?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: You gave values for the Zeta vibrational states using the analogy of frequency. The physical vibrational state was 10 Hz, the state of temporary separation from the physical was 16 Hz, and the more permanent state of separation was 32 Hz. You gave the human frequency as 7.5 Hz. Using the same proportions as for the Zeta collective, we estimated the human astral realm to be 12 Hz, and the spirit realm to start at 24 Hz. Are the frequency estimates for the human astral and spirit realms correct?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate?

Zeta: Not at this point. They are not correct.

Interviewer: Can you give us the correct numbers?

Zeta: There would need to be a process of analogy to give a more accurate estimation.

Interviewer: The medium once encountered an Anorian being. For three days after this contact, the medium perceived everything in the physical as transparent. Can you explain the mechanism for how this happened?

Zeta: The local consciousness was moved to the proper state of understanding that does not exist when combined with the physical body. The local mind was in separation from the physical container. But that is why there is capacity for the local mind, who wants to be reintegrated with the physical body, to be located in its proper perspective, that it is then able to remember its encounter.

Interviewer: In the energetic realm, we understand that a being creates with its highest possible frequency. The object that is created can be perceived using the same or higher frequency. However, it does not seem to work that way in the physical illusion. We cannot easily create with our intentions to change the physical environment.

We think that the frequency we use for creation may be different from the frequency we use for perception. That is, when we have the intention to create an object, we use the frequency of the astral realm, and the created object appears there. When we perceive, we use the lower frequency of the etheric realm, and physically experience the objects represented there.

Do you agree that the creation and perception frequencies differ like this in the physical experience?

Zeta: These processes of perception and creation are understood to be by us to be more complex than you would understand. Our perception is as it is. Perception is the way that you perceive something to be, but to create via  intention requires the consciousness to be in a clear space of expansion, understanding what is the end result of the creation, but not understanding often what is being created.

Interviewer: Are there human groups possessing craft that carry humans to other planets in the solar system?

Zeta: Humans journey outside their oxygenated environment, but do not travel far.

Interviewer: Are humans currently visiting other planets?

Zeta: As individuals, no, not using their own technology.

Interviewer: Are humans using extraterrestrial technology visiting other planets?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That is with the help of extraterrestrials.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: Are these groups of humans or are they individuals?

Zeta: They are chosen humans.

Interviewer: Are there other humans who are aware of this?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Which planets are they currently visiting?

Zeta: We will not be discussing that.

Interviewer: Are there human groups who think they are visiting other planets in their craft, but are actually moving inside an SQE created by the Zetas?

Zeta: There is potential for that process to occur.

Interviewer: What do the Zeta scientists hope to discover with such an experiment?

Zeta: Not all of the synthetic quantum environments are ours, remember there are many races.

Interviewer: What is the purpose of humans, with the help of extraterrestrials, travelling to other planets?

Zeta: For exploration, for socialization, to be productive, to understand that if this race comes to an end, that there will always be value.

Interviewer: A human scientist has found strong evidence that two nuclear weapons exploded above the surface of the planet Mars many millions of years ago. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system. The explosions may have caused the loss of the planet's atmosphere and oceans. Can you confirm that the nuclear explosions occurred, and explain how and why this happened?

Zeta: I will only confirm that there have been many incursions into the solar system by other races. Even our own race was subjected to attack.

Interviewer: The human powers-that-be on earth seem to be headed for war using nuclear weapons. ET races have experimented in the recent past with disabling these weapons. If it comes to an actual war between human adversaries, can we expect any ET races to interfere with the use of nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Many will not function.

Interviewer: The nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that of their own accord or from interference from extraterrestrial races?

Zeta: With proactive interference, but not all will malfunction.

Interviewer: Why would the ET races prevent the nuclear explosions?

Zeta: Because your planet requires that it be kept for other races to exist.

Interviewer: Would the Zeta race take on this responsibility?

[took time to connect to Zeta+, analogous to an oversoul - first time for this]
[The medium was shown two huge craft on either side of a planet located outside our galaxy]

Zeta+: Re-ask your question.

[s summarizes and repeats the last question]
Would the Zeta race take on the responsibility to prevent the nuclear explosions?

Zeta+: Why do you wake me?

Interviewer: We never called you, my friend, did the Zetas bring you here for a reason?

Zeta+: There is a difference between our being of a higher nature and of being fully present. Why do you wake me?

Interviewer: We were discussing the use of nuclear weapons on this earth, and if the extraterrestrial races would interfere with those. The question was, would the Zeta race take on that responsibility? I’m not sure if that’s what brought you here or if you’re here for another purpose.

Zeta+: There are many planets, many races, many collective minds which exist as a conglomerate of consciousness. For the perception of what is to come, will decide in what capacity the human race will be assisted. Even I have various levels of consciousness.

Interviewer: Is that something that would be decided at the time, the assistance needed?

Zeta+: I have enacted my role as a human within a lower capacity of consciousness, that you have awoken me.

Interviewer: What does that mean, we’ve awoken you?

Zeta+: Awoken… enabled, enacted, completed.

Interviewer: For what purpose?

Zeta+: You have asked a question which requires contact with the … human words do not suffice… Within the conglomerate of consciousness which exists, this one planet is but one concern, there are many concerns. There is a council process.

Interviewer: Are you able to put forward to the council the knowledge that there are many humans who are concerned about what is happening, many humans are worried of what is to come, what is about to happen, and that this is not what we want. I would speak for many others if they knew we had contact with you. The use of nuclear weapons could destroy so much, and the planet does not deserve that either. For the minority of people that make these decisions of war and they benefit from the war, this is truly not what humans are about. It is a small minority, and I agree that there are some really horrible humans amongst us, but the majority of us are good. We don’t want war, we don’t want the end of the human race, but we are powerless against the people that have got the power and use it for their own gain. If that could be just made knowledge, we would be grateful.

Zeta+: You would intercede for your race?

Interviewer: I would speak for my race? Yes I would, I would speak for the majority of the people on this planet, and I believe that the use of nuclear weapons would destroy many other species, and that is something that should not happen.

Zeta+: You are but one race.

Interviewer: We are but one race, yes.

Zeta+: There are many species. But there has been a sampling taken.

Interviewer: I understand that you have those on your planet.

Zeta+: Your lives are but a short time. Your effect is not xxx.

Interviewer: Why do you say that we have awoken you? What difference is there to us having woken you today, and you coming through at the sittings and speaking to us as you do? Is it that you represent the whole conglomerate?

Zeta+: Yes. I am an elder. I do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.

Interviewer: You access that tonight during the sitting.

Zeta+: Yes, they are listening.

Interviewer: So they can hear what we say, feel what we feel.

Zeta+: You are a part of the spirits. When I say you have awoken me, it is the same as a spirit entity moving into the human form, the human existing at a predetermined functional level, and then transitioning back to its original nature. The spirit person is no more when they are near the physical form. The human will not function with its memories.

[took time to reconnect with the original Zeta being]

Zeta: I have reverted to my lower state of consciousness. The human mind cannot exist at that level, only for a short time. To be given the perspective of what is real outside of this reality could only be achieved for a short time. That is how we operate, to use one of your colloquialisms.

Interviewer: I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of that.

Zeta: I do not have the ability within this current framework to assist the human race on that scale. That is why the other entity awoke… the real nature. I am but a facet of my own consciousness.

[opened for other questions]

Sitter: I was wondering about the young of other races, with your race and your longevity, you procreate from time to time, I was wondering if procreation is carried out among all other races as well.

Zeta: Other races have functions that default to create, although the physical and intimate capacity is defined by the race.

Interviewer: Do other races have the longevity that your race has?

Zeta: Many have longer.

Interviewer: With your race and your longevity, what determines when you decide to have young ones?

Zeta: The one child. The determining factor is when there is a blending of consciousness available for the integration of the child.

Interviewer: Is that in a certain phase in your life?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What phase is that?

Zeta: When a level of consciousness and maturity has been achieved.

Interviewer: Maturity for a child is 80 years?

Zeta: For the child to be considered that they have reached a point of a mature adult. Three months for the gestation process, a maturation.

Interviewer: At what stage does a couple choose to have that one offspring?

Zeta: When there is a nexus of consciousness that occurs for each couple. It is based in biological symmetry.

Interviewer: Can you clarify in human terms?

Zeta: For a human, the female will develop the egg process. The male will enact a process of creation.

Interviewer: For a human that can be any time, for a female as young as 10 or 11.

Zeta: We are using your primitive process as a means to explain to you. There comes a point of perception when that joining of consciousness, other than the collective consciousness, will take place. When that point of consciousness has arrived, the child is created in consciousness before the genetic material moves into the maturation process. The child exists before the physical form exists. That is because the child must correctly understand the collective mind of the race.

Interviewer: Is that point of time different for all zetas?

Zeta: Yes of course, it is a natural function.

Interviewer: So nobody knows when that is going to happen.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Is it around about the same stage in all zetas’ lives?

Zeta: It depends on the genetic makeup, the consciousness structure of the couple. But to speak again of the child process, the child must fully understand the collective mind of the race before conception.

Interviewer: Does that take time?

Zeta: It takes as long as it takes. You cannot lose contact with the collective mind once you are assimilated with the physical form.


Zeta: To sit in harmony… harmony, the correct energy process for connection.

Interviewer: What is the best way to have continual energies that support connection to the race?

Zeta: You would require to be in separation from the spirit people. The influences of the spirit people undermine, to a certain extent, the development of the energies required for the type of connections you require.

Interviewer: Often when the energy is correct, it does seem to take much to change it to a more human-type energy. Is there any way to stop that?

Zeta: It would depend on the underlying premise of what is the purpose for the progression of the sitting. That means that there must be a determination by the group as for the reasons for sitting. It would be suggested that, considering the medium has moved to the full extent of the experience with the spirit people, that you decide what it is you wish to do.

Interviewer: As a group?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: I’m pretty sure what the consensus would be.

Zeta: What is your consensus?

Interviewer: That we continue with the involvement and communication with the zeta race, but that is something that we will discuss with the medium. We need to support him. I for one have felt that the connection that we have with you and the communication is more beneficial, and the knowledge that we gain and share is to me the best outcome for the sittings.

Zeta: There are certain practicalities for connection with spirit people. The spirit people are generally able to be seen by the medium within your cycle of hours, yes? There is little communication, if any, from us, between us and the medium during the cycle of hours.

Interviewer: If we go back to the majority of sittings being with extraterrestrials, does that mean the connection to the spirit realm would go back to being dormant again?

Zeta: Yes, so from a relationship viewpoint, the medium likes to be able to see and talk to the spirit people, friends, yes?

Interviewer: Yes, I understand.

Zeta: But as you have seen, if you require the presence of us, that this morning process is the much better way of creating the energy. So you can keep the sitting process separate.

Interviewer: There have been other occasions when we have sat in the morning and weren’t able to get a connection to you. So it would also come down to the environment and making sure that everything…

Zeta: Yes, and there is prior preparation that must be instigated by the medium. Let me say that with spirit people there should be no expectation or intention, but with us there must be intention and expectation.

Interviewer: Intention to have connection with you?

Zeta: So, if I am a human and come to visit another human, there is intention to go to view the human and discuss with them. There is an expectation that they will be there when I arrive. We are not as spirit people.

Interviewer: So as a group, should the sitters have that intention and expectation as well?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Because we have been told not to expect anything.

Zeta: That is with spirit people.

Sitter: So we discussed this last night and its all happening this morning, how was that relayed to you that we would be sitting this morning with you?

Zeta: Because the medium has methods and potentials that are not discussed with humans. So, they are utilized to create the correct response in energy.

Interviewer: Like a phone line…

Zeta: What is a phone line?

Interviewer: We use a telephone for communications so I thought with a special phone line we could have communication with you.

Zeta: But he does not use that phone line.

Interviewer: Is he able to?

Zeta: There is no phone line.

Interviewer: It’s just a saying.

Zeta: Why would you use a line?

Interviewer: It’s just terminology suggesting that there is a special connection.

Zeta: That would be special. They are your earth anachronisms.

Interviewer: A decision was made last night to have connection this morning with you. That’s enough time, obviously, for preparation and expecting to have communication?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What would be the shortest time needed for the preparation?

Zeta: The medium has been trained for a five second process, but he will not utilize it unless he is in a situation where there is danger. So when your daughter was bleeding internally, he is able to change matter within the five second process. But of course these things are not beneficial to the medium and require specialized processes. They also require specialized energy and consciousness processes.

Interviewer: Considering that everything is an illusion, what actually keeps the human mind within its current construct?

Zeta: The construct of consciousness, the human’s ability to only see inside the defined process of existence that very much holds the physical processes within the boundaries of this reality.

Interviewer: Is spirit realm just another construct, meaning just as the physical world is bound together by consciousness, is the spirit realm the same?

Zeta: There is a defined frequency that supports the mechanism of a consciousness within that space, just as there is a defined frequency to support the mechanism of consciousness within this space.

Interviewer: Does these in which spirit exists, how are they held in place? Consciously, is it an external influence which does this or is it the individual thought of the spirit creating that realm?

Zeta: They are a conglomerate of like-mindedness. This is why a non-like-minded person or entity would disrupt the binding mechanism of consciousness within the spherical realm. That is why no other race may enter into that process of consciousness.

Interviewer: How is the gateway currently?

Zeta: The gateway always exists, but there is no benefit to the gateway, of the operation of the gateway. Let me explain. For you to be a place in energies that are referencing the nature of other races, for it to be beneficial for you, for it to be non-harmful for you, for your psychological processes, then you must be continually in the same energetic process. You are not trained to move from one form of energy such as this one, to another energy such as the spirit realm, or to another realm such as the gateway. You would become unbalanced. That is why you must be held within the potential of one particular energy.

Interviewer: Do you know the spatial position of the Anunnaki?

[there is a sequence of zeta clicks, and the medium grunts loudly as he is shown the Anunnaki planet]

Zeta: They are far away.

Interviewer: Is it possible to contact them?

Zeta: Would you like me to try?

Interviewer: That would be wonderful but I’m not sure… yeah, that would be good.

Zeta: Why?

Interviewer: Well, contact with a long-lost friend?

Zeta: No, that will be a future endeavour. You saw the reaction of the medium’s physical body to the journey to view the Anunnaki.

Interviewer: Ok, so that was what that was. But that contact would be possible?

Zeta: Yes, of course. Within our realms, of course. We do not venture into the multidimensional frameworks while with the medium unless the gateway process is used.

Interviewer: The new craft that feeds from the sun, how is its development going?

Zeta: Ah, an amusing question.

Interviewer: [wait] There is no discussion about that?

Zeta: I am showing the medium … move to your next question.

Interviewer: When will we be subjected to another energy journey?

Zeta: Subjected means to be done without permission. If you are subjected to something, does that mean your permission is required? That is an incorrect word within the sentence structure.

Interviewer: Can I ask, when will we as a group experience an energetic situation.

Zeta: There are two functions that are currently taking place. When other sitters come here that have never sat before, there is a new defined energy, and they experience much that is to do with the level of nervous tension and energy that they project from themselves. Whereas the sitters who are well used to, to some extent, the energy in the room, do not present their energy. Now, you must decide what you will be doing in the sitting process.

Interviewer: In the past, the AT? energy brought more phenomena. Should a way we turn back to this energy?

Zeta: That is the current discussion, because the energy that we bring, we bring from our own nature, whereas with the spirit people there is a defined physical energy that is related to discussion processes with them, each one presenting their own personality utilizing the life force of the medium. Maybe it is time but…

Interviewer: How are the breath processes weakened in the medium and what can strengthen them?

Zeta: Rest, yes. Many of the processes also provide the opportunity of the correct intention for the building of the residual energies for the sitting process.

Sitter: I have some questions, can we proceed with those?

Zeta: Yes.

Sitter: Why do we as a human race have to deal with or resolve issues from past life experiences or from generational…

Zeta: Yes, because to exist in a generational line in a human form means that the mind of the human, the energy of the human, the residual effects of the past generational issues of that family line, means that you must abide in residual effects of the thread. Now you may come in as a external entity into human form but then be affected by what has happened previously within the thread of that family. It may generally be that a human spirit would not have the potential to negate or properly assimilate the residual past generational issues. But when a different type of consciousness comes into the physical form, then they may be able to correctly adjust the residual thread processes to then determine what is the correct action for the now process regarding what has taken place in the past.

Sitter: And that would explain why even someone from his point of origin were extraterrestrial, they would go through the same process.

Zeta: Yes of course, because once you integrate into the family line then you are under the potential of all of the previous energies of all of the participants of that genetic thread. Now interestingly, the medium has never been able to answer that question for himself. He has tried many times within the capacity of his own mind to resolve that question. That question has been resolved today to prove to the medium that it is not him that is speaking - the local consciousness is not speaking. We often let the local consciousness struggle to prove to it that it cannot create and answer to a question. If the local consciousness could create all answers to all questions, there would never be any evidential processes that we could provide the medium.

Sitter: With regards to our incarnations and our reincarnations, is it the same soul energy that reincarnates each time or is it a different fragment of soul energy that reincarnates?

Zeta: You as humans, you like to place everything in definition. You believe it is either one or the other, but it is generally all. But you are not comfortable as a race with the potential that all things exist at the same time, and so you will often ascribe to one theory or another because it brings you comfort within the framework of the illusion.

Sitter: Could I be my own ancestor then?

Zeta: Of course, and of course not. You see, you seek to seek separation when no separation exists. You seek to see boundaries and definitions where in consciousness they do not exist. You cannot fathom…

Interviewer: Well yes, we can. We just have to be given the knowledge that is correct…

Zeta: No, you would be given the knowledge but not have experience of it. You would have a “mind” understanding of the process which would then generate more questions. Understanding that all things come from all, that consciousness, only for the benefit of experience, externalizes itself into separation. You are well down the hierarchical tree or structure of experience. The further you are away from the original point, the more experience can be gained, because the perception is that you are not who you think you are.

Sitter: If there were no humans in the physical on the planet, would the spirit realm continue to exist?

Zeta: Something that exists cannot be undone.

Interviewer: Would it just exist differently? It would have to change, wouldn’t it?

Zeta: It would find potential to experience.

Interviewer: Does that mean it would possibly move on to somewhere else?

Zeta: No, it may seek to separate itself from itself and then transition inside itself to a perception of being separated from itself

Interviewer: So that would be like an artificial… for which this is as well…

Zeta: A dream within a dream. But that is what this is.

Interviewer: If it was a dream within a dream, would there be substance to the body…

Zeta: Yes, of course, that is what spirit people’s perception is within their own reality.

Interviewer: How do we not know if this is truly already that?

Zeta: You do not. This may already be your transition.

Sitter: [makes point about transitioning into a similar timeframe as we are in now]

Zeta: What is an egg? The medium is talking about an egg.

Interviewer: Oh, he must be hungry. He will be having breakfast, is that what he is referring to?

Zeta: That is the function, yes.

Interviewer: An egg, something that has a lot of protein substance in it. No animals are harmed in producing an egg.

Sitter: It’s a byproduct of a chicken, part of the reproductive function.

Zeta: We do not abide by those functions, they are human functions.

Interviewer: Yes, he will get his egg very soon.

Zeta: A local consciousness is very much a immature consciousness. You all present the same level of consciousness.

Interviewer: Why do you say that?

Zeta: It is a embryonic process used by consciousness to allow you to exist within this formal function of physicality. It cannot be more than what it is.

Interviewer: Why is your existence so much more mature than ours?

Zeta: You kill each other.

Interviewer: That’s not something we condone or want to be a part of.

Zeta: You kill other beings to survive, you eat them.

Interviewer: Why would you say that that was more embryonic and less mature than the way you are?

Zeta: Because we do not live the way that you do, we do not harm other levels of consciousness that are combined to form matter of a material substance that they have incarnated into physical forms. They must not lose their life to provide sustenance.

Interviewer: Would you say the same about plant life?

Zeta: Plant life is designed to grow and to… Let me explain. Vegetation, if cut grows more healthy. It’s consciousness is designed to perform the function of growing from the beneficial processes of … there is a terminology, there is no human word… the growth of the plant requires it to be diminished. But if you cut pieces of your meat off a live being, you are providing diminution. You are reducing the potential for that life to exist. To remove a leg or an arm, it will not grow back, where all plant matter is designed to continue to grow.

Interviewer: For an example, the egg from a chicken, that is designed that the chicken still lives isn’t harmed in any way, and if we consume that egg, what is your thoughts on that?

Zeta: That is an abhorrent process, because there was to be life from the egg.

Interviewer: There would only be life from the egg if it was fertilized from the male. The egg would still exist if it wasn’t fertilized.

Zeta: This is a theoretical discussion based on your reality. We choose not to eat of anything that has a physical form that consciousness has moved into, that can interact with other things from a point of matter.

Interviewer: So then let’s go on to milk. Milk is produced from a number of different animals, goats and cows, and we humans ingest the milk for nourishment as well. That milk was never meant to be another life. What are your thoughts on that? And cheese is made from…

Zeta: Let me say, to clarify, for humans, if a known life is harmed, then it is beneficial.

Interviewer: But that doesn’t have the same ground rules for the egg, for example, is that right?

Zeta: But we are now talking through humans. For us, the separation  of loaves, food substances, are well kept away from what we produce as nourishment for us. There is no potential for us to want to partake of those processes.

Interviewer: So if we as humans made the conscious decision to give up all products like meat, chicken, all of those that harm the animals and continue that would need a substance for sustenance, in order to live as a life as you would, we would become a sort of vegan that don’t have any products from animals whatsoever, so no milk and no eggs.

Zeta: Do they survive?

Interviewer: They do, it’s very hard to find other things and…

Zeta: But you would as a race, develop potentials that do not currently exist.

Interviewer: So to live a life as a vegan… I know a few that are quite healthy but it does take a lot of effort.

Zeta: Ah but that is because they are a minority within the physical ground of the human experience.

Interviewer: Yes they are.

Zeta: But if all humans were to move to that process, they would develop much substance, supporting mechanisms to develop and eat in those processes. We are philosophically opposed to ingesting other animals, but that is our choice as a race, because we believe that a consciousness affects consciousness. But you must also understand that we have discussed with you how our protein is delivered to each of the beings of the race and how it is measured, and none of those substances that are used by humans would be able to be carried by our systems to each of the members of our race.

Interviewer: We have always had the knowledge that we were what is called meat-eaters, we always have been, apparently that is how our body …

Zeta: That is because the race that originally created you are of the same nature. You have choice.

Interviewer: If the whole race decided to become what we would label a vegan, would that change our DNA, would that change our structure over time, would  we evolve to be different from what we are now?

Zeta: Yes of course, what would also be aligned with that would be a peaceful nature, would be one where no longer would all animals be bred to eat. A different construct or mind-set would be required to exist as a planet. The underlying benefit of that would be the potential for the planet to exude a different level of consciousness. And in doing so, since you no longer harm another to eat, you would no longer harm another for the actions that you would have performed previously. Generally humans’ perception of self is lack, and as they perceive lack, they believe that actions then will bring them abundance.

Interviewer: So as a race, we have the knowledge there and we could choose to be different, but there are many other races on this planet that do eat even creatures themselves. Fish will eat other fish, lions will eat, so is it not that there are thousands of species on this planet that do the same as what humans do.

Zeta: Yes, because the embryonic consciousness is the same.

Interviewer: If we changed as a race, how would the other species change too?

Zeta: They would not, because they have incarnated into forms that require for them to act in a specific way.

Sitter: They do kill their prey, but they don’t do it ruthlessly, and only when they need to be fed.

Interviewer: There are certain species that kill their own, even their young.

Zeta: The conversation is that it is a level of consciousness that performs the function. Do people in the spirit realm kill each other? No, of course not. Do they require to eat? Only if they choose to. This physical reality with its embryonic consciousness performs certain functions. But you may choose not to perform those functions. We are not judging you, this is a discussion.

Interviewer: Would we not become the hunted if we chose to live life in harmony, and there was no killing and everyone in peace?

Zeta: How could you be hunted in peace?

Interviewer: We would have to protect ourselves from certain other species on the earth that do hunt.

Zeta: Where are they now?

Interviewer: Well, we keep them locked up in cages, and they do kill humans at the moment, but if we were to live in peace and harmony…

Zeta: You have technologies to keep them separate from you.

Interviewer: But is that harmonious, to keep them locked up?

Zeta: If they wish to harm you because of the embryonic consciousness they hold, then you have the potential to separate yourselves. But these are theoretical discussions. The human race is, at best, nowhere near this existence. Now, even now, they hunt and kill each other.

Interviewer: There are a few of us are vegans, a very small minority, a few of us that don’t condone that.

Zeta: You live within your environment, that is your choice. Yes it is. We should terminate your sitting, yes?

Monday, 12 September 2016


[Interviewer asks if rearranging the room had an effect on them coming through]

Zeta: There are certain formations that are created within the room structure which allow for certain functions to be performed. Many of the structures are known to the medium.

Interviewer: Most everything is still in the room, just in a different position.

Zeta: Yes of course, this is a positional potential, much like a geometric shape which changes form. And to change form changes the frequency.

Interviewer: Do all sentient beings have an etheric body?

Zeta: All existence is sentient. Within all existence, only the ones who choose to be in the physical form are required to hold an etheric body.

Interviewer: And the purpose of that is?

Zeta: To maintain the physical structure that is required to hold the matter together to create the form.

Interviewer: And all these beings have the eddies that we call the chakra system?

Zeta: Who are these beings?

Interviewer: The sentient beings who choose to be in physical form.

Zeta: Your human formation of, understanding of the chakra system, is inaccurate.

Interviewer: Yes, we have been advised of that before, so my question should be that the beings who do have the etheric body, all etheric bodies would have the  eddies, you have advised us that in the etheric body there are multiple movements.

Zeta: There is no position that energy may take where it is of a sedentary nature. All energy is in transition. There is no potential for energy to stay associated with your physical body when the energy is shifting.

Interviewer: How does the energy stay with the physical body?

Zeta: Because the physical body moving through the various physical perceptions of reality, moving  to the finite potential of etherial structure, moving to the substructures, is a pure energy of consciousness. Your makeup is much aligned with what exists around you. You are a compilation, a concatenation of many forms of matter which, of course, dissipate once the higher nature moves to the transitory state.

Interviewer: So to hold all that matter together, wouldn’t the energy need to form something around us, and flow and…?

Zeta: Yes of course, it does, but it is not separate from the physical body. It is around and through. It is not even in separation from the other energies. There is connectedness of all things. The illusion is that the physical body it is separate entity.

Interviewer: If we could see it with our physical eyes, what would it look like?

Zeta: You would see an undulating space.

Interviewer: I don’t understand ‘undulating space’.

Zeta: You would see molecular structure with an infinite potential in between as undulating space.

Interviewer: Would there be some a bit more undulating than others?

Zeta: Depending on the consciousness, the perception of the physical entity, depending on its understanding of its own nature.

Interviewer: Can we use that to help pick up on other presences around that aren’t physical?

Zeta: Yes of course you can.

Interviewer: And is it safe for us to do that?

Zeta: You cannot be harmed.

Interviewer: Could you help me understand how to use the energy field that is me to be able to pick up what’s around me a bit better?

Zeta: Yes of course, to understand what is the perception of around you, there is a requirement that you understand your own nature. Once you understand your own energy and frequency, then you understand what is around you. It is simple, but the mind makes it as difficult as you require it to be.

Interviewer: Just before you visited, we were able to sense spirit in the room and we were asked to say what we picked up, so another form but not physical. Some people say they can see them with their physical eyes. Are you able to help me understand how they can see with their physical eyes so that I might be able to see better?

Zeta: Because when they say they can see with their physical eyes, they are viewing with their full potential, their higher nature. Their etheric potential is able to see the other consciousness, the other etheric potential.

Interviewer: How may we  work toward understanding our etheric better so that we can see other etheric beings?

Zeta: You need to find the space, you need to find the stillness in the expanded nature, the inner mind, the inner stillness.

To sit in a darkened room, with a null potential of light, how do you feel if there is no light? Turn off your lights.

[Lights turned off]

Now, you are closing your eyes, sitting in the potential. You [knew the vagueness] in the physical form. What you experience, what you see, is all that is around you. The distance is infinite, there is no singular “I”, no singular form. Consciousness holds no singular nature, to understand many potentials, many frequencies. Turn your light back on…

[Lights turned on]

That is how I see in all things when I speak to you, I come from that nature.

Interviewer: When we did that exercise, I felt a little nervous and scared that if I went any further I would not be able to return to my physical body.

Zeta: The exercise that you just performed.

Interviewer: Yes

Zeta: That is because I have aided you in understanding who you really are, outside of your singular perception of a physical entity. But, one must be comfortable with their own nature.

Another sitter: I found the exercise quite peaceful, actually.

Zeta: Each human will find it a very different nature.

Interviewer: You talked about the layout of the room and how things are laid out for specific reasons. Could you give a little more information about that so I might understand a little better, please?

Zeta: Yes, but it will need to be placed into terminology that you will understand, a simplistic understanding. Imagine that this room is a geometric shape. Imagine that within the room the geometric shape is changing. As the geometric shape changes, the energetic structure that is built within the room is able to be moved and changed. This allows the energy to shift which brings the potential of connection. Those potentials of connection mean that we can commence. The spirit energy no longer exists in the room.

Interviewer: …ley lines, grid lines?

Zeta: Yes, very much associated with the underpinning of these structures, a similarity only.

Interviewer: Is there energy in numbers as such?

Zeta: Each number is a thought, there is energy in a thought.

Interviewer: If we can associate the letters of our name with a certain number…

Zeta: But you believe that the potential of the number has meaning, and so it does. You are creating your reality. You may speak the number to me, it would have no effect, because that is not how a belief system is. That is why when a human would fear, we do not fear. Your belief structures affect you greatly.

Interviewer: A friend on the internet talked about a net around the planet that keeps out all fear. Do you know what he was talking about?

Zeta: That is an understanding that we will explain, but not used for that process. That is a fear-based process. Now, the vibration has a particular frequency. The humans have said it is known as the Schumann frequency. This frequency is known by other races as the suppression net. This means that to hold the physical construct that is required for humans to exist, that they must exist within the frequency of the range of the Schumann frequencies. If you go too far one way or the other within the frequency spectrum, you are either grounded or ungrounded. It has nothing to do with the higher self entity. Higher self is not bound to the physical planet. Higher self is bound to the singular physical body that exists as a life form. Once the anchor has dissipated, no longer is the higher self required to participate in the manifestation of the physical body. There is a energetic net around the planet, but it is to do with the way the human physically is, and all other structures that exist on the planet.

Interviewer: This is the only planet that has such a net?

Zeta: No, all planets have the requirement that there is a potential that provides the individual quanta that is the determining factor for what is able to exist within the physical structure of that planet.

Interviewer: So with all destruction of the trees, killing all the animals, are we actually changing the frequency of the planet?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: So life can continue to exist but in a different way…

Zeta: Spirit people have moved to this planet for many hundreds of thousands of years, nothing has changed. Have you noticed that the planet is really moving to a new state of existence because the level of… let me explain… to go from the spirit realm to the physical reality means that there must be some commonality of frequency between physical existence and the spiritual side. For the planet to shift to a point where spirit people would no longer require a physical existence, means they would no longer require to move to this planet. And this is why for many, many generations the spirit people come and go. So this is why there is such a short lifespan for the human.

This planet is very much aligned with spirit realm consciousness. If the planet’s frequency was to change so dramatically, then the spirit realm would no longer be able to incarnate into this physical reality. But of course, beyond the furthest realms of spiritualism is much distance away from this lower frequency.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Interviewer: As humans we require oxygen and water to survive. I was interested to know if there are basic elements you need to survive, or do you adapt?

Zeta: A physical entity requires nourishment.

Interviewer: You take your nourishment every 3-4 days. Are you able to sustain long periods of time without that nourishment?

Zeta: The physical body would become weak without sustenance.

Interviewer: What would happen if you were without nourishment for two weeks? Would you still be able to survive?

Zeta: Our levels of consciousness require a heightened level of internal cellular activity. This protein that is required by us aids in the stabilization of the container. Without the protein, the liquid process that is applied to the body, then of course, there would be ramifications for the container.

Interviewer: We have water on our planet, some places in abundance, some places not.

Zeta: Water is a synthesized molecular structure. It can be created.

Interviewer: Do you have water on your planet?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Do you synthesize and make that yourself?

Zeta: I do not make it, of course, others do.

Interviewer: So it’s not a natural resource?

Zeta: No, not a natural resource. But we also have the potential to gather water as well.

Interviewer: From the planet?

Zeta: No, from other planets.

Interviewer: So is water a major part of survival?

Zeta: No. It is used to create the matter for the protein-based substance. But there are other avenues that are available to us for these synthesized processes.

Interviewer: Does your planet have an abundance of natural resources of other kinds?

Zeta: Initially, the planet surface had different types of life forms, vegetation. But of course, most of this is now in a creational process within the cavity of the planet.

Interviewer: Does your planet have natural resources as minerals in the earth that you utilize?

Zeta: Do we utilize the molecular structure of the planet to create? Let me explain. It is possible to create from the fine matter that surrounds the race. There is in some circumstances no requirement to change the coarse matter which exists. Humans currently utilize the coarse matter to create all of the fundamental aspects of their ability to survive.

Interviewer: Is the core of your planet similar to ours?

Zeta: All planets are of their own nature.

Interviewer: Your planet’s makeup is different to ours?

Zeta: Much of the makeup of this planet is based upon a chemical reaction. Also it is a body which brings to itself or is encapsulated within a heat process from your star. And of course, that heats up the surface of the planet. The energy interchange then is used in the creational aspects. It’s also used in warming the planet, as well as keeping the core of the planet stable.

Interviewer: As Zetas, do you inhabit most of the inside of your planet, or one side, or many different areas?

Zeta: Most of the inside of the planet.

Interviewer: And that did not destroy the planet at all?

Zeta: The planet has already been destroyed. It is a cavernous existence.

Interviewer: How does the structure of the planet stay together?

Zeta: It is not hollow.

Interviewer: Is the internal structure of your planet the same all the way through?

Zeta: It is dependent on the engineering processes that are created by a race. As to the potential benefits of existing within a planet structure, if you are to excavate too much, if you are to create too much weakening within a planet, then of course the gravitational processes, the rotational processes, the specific forces that act on a planet, will break the planet up. But if you are understanding how these processes react with each other and act upon each other, then it is possible to live within a cavernous existence.

Interviewer: As a race, are you expanding? I know your numbers would be increasing, but inside your planet, your civilization, is that the way that it is and will always be, or is it always expanding to allow for the extra population?

Zeta: The estimation is within 3 trillion of the earth numbering system.

Interviewer: Is that the current population?

Zeta: Yes, but not on one planet, spread across many other civilizations.

Interviewer: The planet that you are on at the moment, will it only sustain and accept as a society, a certain amount?

Zeta: There is a certain amount that is non-transitory. Certain potentials are created within the planet’s structure. Much of the craft are created within this physical sphere of existence. Once a race has navigated their basic needs and has created the potentials for technologies to travel beyond their boundaries, then they become a race which seeks out to interact with other races, to understand their technologies and environments, to exist within those potentials as well.

Interviewer: Part of your race is obviously on other planets. Are they living on the surface of those planets?

Zeta: Yes of course, some do, yes.

Interviewer: As well as under the surface as you do?

Zeta: It is purely whether the planet supports, in a protected environment, from the forces that enact upon their planet.

Interviewer: Do you yourself have the opportunity at times to go to other planets?

Zeta: I have traveled here, yes.

Interviewer: I am talking about planets where your race exists. Is there a need for you to go to other planets?

Zeta: I have not been to the other colonies as you would call them.